Dear Mr Anand, I am extremely thankful to you for helping my leg recover; if it weren't for you I'd probably be in a wheelchair and very miserable. Although college takes up a lot of my time, I am working hard on my rehabilitation and I can feel a difference compared to before the multiligament reconstruction.

Thank you so much. One day I hope to change people’s lives for the better everyday, like you do.

AC Jan, 2020

I would like this opportunity to congratulate the NHS and in particular Mr Anand, a consultant in the Hip and Knee clinic. From my first consultation with Mr Anand until my latest meeting with him since my operation in August 2019 all the treatment, care and attention has been excellent.

Mr Anand is a very dedicated, talented and caring person and this is fully reflected in the way all the operation and aftercare personnel have dealt with me and his other patients. It is a very professional organisation and Mr Anand and all his team should be complimented.

I will always be indebted to Mr Anand and his team.

Prof DBI, Oct 2019

Dear Mr Anand, It has been a real privilege to shadow you and your colleagues.
Your clinical skills and rapport with your patients inspires me.

Mr HS. Sep 2019

Dear Mr Anand, I am writing to say a very big THAK YOU for your expertise in giving me back the ability to walk properly again. It has given me a new lease of life.

Mrs SB. Aug, 2019

Dear Dr Anand, I can't thank you enough. You’ll always have my gratitude.

Mr H. Jan 2020

One year after surgery happy and moving around : ) . Thank you Mr Anand for fixing my knee and giving back my mobility and confidence to get moving?

Miss VW, 2018

Dear Mr Anand, All I can say is thanks for giving back my life.

Miss TM, Jan 2018

I just wanted to say thank you so much for my leg operation. My knee hasn’t felt so good and strong (sic).

Mr JC 2018

Thank you for listening to me moaning : ) and thank you for fixing me! Me and the hip are doing great.

Ms DB, 2018